“Hello World!” -Higgs Boson

Most people probably dont give a heck about this. Students cry for their life as there are now more physics to be learnt and physicists who believed that Higgs boson exists are probably the most egoistic people on Earth now.

But seriously, it’s good news for mankind.
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The economics of a bank robbery makes it OBSELETE nowadays.

I think, being a Somalia pirate is a more lucrative business.

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Compilation of 2012 Venus Transit VIDEOS.

As we all know, the next time Venus is going to transit is when we have vanished off the face of this earth.

Oh well, at least we got to look at it in our lifetime. Please drop us a comment if you find a more interesting video and we will include in this list.
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Two TOP SECRET TELESCOPES more powerful than Hubble handed to NASA

Eh, seriously, what was the Secret Service doing with those powerful telescopes?

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The HUMANS who tried to CLAIM Space Properties.

This is so hilariously stupid that I can’t believe that there are people who are actually making money out of it.

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Supercomputer to be built with ANCIENT magnetic tapes. 380 petabytes of it.

Erm seriously, why magnetic tapes?

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Pigeon brain > Human brain, in Monty Hall problem.

And you think you’re so smart eh?

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MIT invents LiquiGlide; Now you can stop POUNDING your Ketchup bottle.

I mean, for as long as I have lived, I have been pounding my ketchup bottles.

Now you don’t need to. This is revolutionary. Just like how the Internet sidelined physical contacts.
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The story behind the most AMAZING but SECRET material, Starlite.

Seriously, this material should be commercialised.

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Chinese Scientists BROKE Boundary; Quantum teleport over 100KM.

The digital warfare just got more interesting.

I wonder if anyone will find a loop hole in quantum cryptography?
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