Google is mapping the world, and everything in the Universe

We have seen the largely popular Google Earth, not only on our computer, but also exploited in GPS(Global Positioning System) for personal usage. There are numerous uses we humans have come up with Google Earth. Thus, to feed our needs, Google has expand it’s maps beyond Google Earth. This is interesting, and scary.

You are kinda exposed no matter which part of the universe you are in.

Let’s get on the introduction of Google and it’s maps.

Google Earth

An extensive map of the whole world. And users don’t have to stop at that. Creating a 3D environment of your locale is possible on Google Earth.(even GTA(Grand Theft Auto) has one) Check out this local blog, all about 3d maps and stuffs on Singapore(large part on Google Earth), Singeo. It’s pretty cool really.

Google Earth

Google Earth also provides another fun aspect, which is it’s flight simulator. Think you can’t fly to any part of the world? Think again(in 3D).

google flight simulator

Google Sky

After conquering Earth, Google Earth team must have been bored and want something that they can map out. So they choose the vast Universe as a choice to attack next. Pretty Universe, all on your little screen. This is part of the Google Earth system, so view it on Google Earth.

Google universe

Google Ocean

“People will be able to see the underwater topography, called bathymetry; search for particular spots or attractions; and navigate through the digital environment by zooming and panning. (The tool, however, is not to be confused with the “Google Ocean” project by France-based Magic Instinct Software that uses Google Earth as a visualization tool for marine data.)” from CNET

Sounds cool eh? Not only in 2d, but in 3D. From what i know, our ocean is still largely unexplored, and it covers 70% of our land. Wonder how Google is gonna do it? I don’t know(laughs), but somehow they are doing it.

“It would take about 100 ship years to map the oceans at high resolution,” said Dave Sandwell, a professor of geophysics at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. from CNET

google ocean

“We hope that one of the outcomes of Google Ocean will be an understanding of how much remains to be explored,” said Miller of Scripps. “We know far more about the surface of Mars from a few weeks of radar surveying in orbit than we know of the bottom of the ocean after two centuries.”

Anyone knows any other Google inventions or funny maps made from Google Earth(like the GTA’s) by users? Do share in comments. 😀
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