Nissan GT-R R35 vs Bullet Train, a Race across Japan.

If you are in a relax mode today and want something interesting on the screen, this is it.
The 1st Part

This episode of Top Gear, is one of the highlight of it’s new season and it really did not disappoint.

The 2nd Part

Why you should watch it:
-Rather cute Japanese girls in the train and pump station.
-Funny antics by Jeremy Clarkson(Using a mask of George Bush(i think) face to escape speed cameras), one of the best motoring journalist around.
-GT-R is considered the best supercar ever built, yet.
-Watch how the cast lose contact with each other and getting lost on the roads.
-This episode is not only about GT-R or the Bullet Train, but it also brings you right across Tokyo and shows some of the culture and food in Japan.
The result is interesting.

The 3rd Part

Nissan GT-R driver: Jeremy Clarkson
Bullet Train Passengers: Richard Hammond and James May

The Last Part

Ok, if you have finished the whole episode, you will know this isn’t exactly GT-R vs the Bullet Train.
Richard Hammond and James May ventured across Japan on the Bullet Train(yeah yeah), Japanese Ferry, Japanese bicycles, Japanese buses, Japanese cable cars and their own legs of course.
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