5 Ways to Hack a Security Camera. Did i say, really Wacky Ways?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a tutorial to show you how to rig up a security camera so that you can :
1) Rob a Bank
2) Sneak into your uncle’s store for a sneaker snack bar. Or was it called Snickers ?
3) Sneak back home late in the night ( if your house is full of security camera)
Caught in Act

Five Ways to Hack a Security Camera

1. Epoxy Paste
nbnl’s comment: Probably the easiest way to deter a security camera. Anything that blocks any stream of light is a winner to hack a security camera. For this task, trust the trusty epoxy paste.
Direction: Apply. That’s right, just one word.
Problem: you have to be really close to apply this on the lens of the security camera. Well, you can probably wear a mask, or risk the camera turning and looking at you straight in the face. Say Cheese!

2. Balloon
security camera
nbnl’s comment: Well, this is supposedly a artistic attempt by Brooklyn-based artist William Lamson to showcase his art works themed Intervention. And with “helium filled rubber balloon set to the correct height and covered with enough static electricity to stick to any surface”, it’s one more way to escape detection!
Direction: You need the height at where the camera is placed. Then use tape to tape it to the ground and prevent it from moving away.
Problem: If the security camera has sharp edges, Bon Voyage.

3. Kill the Security off first
rob bank robbery
nbnl’s comment: This can be done by 2 ways. Gain control of the security system by using your hacking ingenuity, or get into the security office, and slay the security officers. Unplug the power plugs and viola!
Direction: As of above.
Problem: Unless you are a really good hacker or a experienced serial killer, vanish the thought.

4. A Photo says a thousand words
nbnl’s comment: The most difficult technique of all, and the best one if there’s someone constantly on the lookout.
Direction: Grab a similar photograph of the area overlooked by the security camera, without you in it. Get something to hold it in place such that.. everything looks the same without you in the picture of course.
Problem: Sorry for the dumb idea, this really ain’t gonna work, i think.

5. Leave the Security Camera alone
security camera
nbnl’s comment: This will only work if the security camera not of some fancy X-ray or Infra Red equipped cameras. Well, regardless if the security camera is 2-D or 3-D(meaning multiple cameras), this will probably work.
Direction: Squeeze into a luggage or something where you can hide in and be ferried across the security zone without notice.
Problem: If you are a 6 footer, this might not be convincing enough and it will probably hurts.(getting squeezed)

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