All the James Bond’s Girls, in one Single Post.

Quantum of Solace is the latest out of all the James Bond franchise which has released numerous flicks on this single spy.

Licensed to Kill.

Actually i know nothing about this movie except the gorgeous Aston Martin DBS, which was apparently, wrecked in the show.

The change of face for James Bond has actually made me less interested in his shows.

But yeah, no James Bond movie is without babes, and i bring you this collection of his well, babes.

Girl: Ursula Andress
Film: Dr. No
Screen name: Honey Rider

Daniela Bianchi
Film: From Russia With Love
Screen Name: Tatiana Romanova

Girl: Honor Blackman
Film: Goldfinger
Screen name: Pussy Galore

Girl: Luciana Paluzzi
Film: Thunderball
Screen name: Fiona Volpe

Girl: Mie Hama
Film: You Only Live Twice
Screen name: Kissy Suzuki

Girl: Diana Rigg
Film: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Screen name: Terese di Vicenzo

Girl: Jill St John
Film: Diamonds Are Forever
Screen name: Tiffany Case

Girl: Jane Seymour
Film: Live and Let Die
Screen name: Solitaire

Girl: Maud Adams
Film: The Man With The Golden Gun
Screen name: Andrea Anders

Girl: Barbara Bach
Film: The Spy Who Loved Me
Screen name: Anya Amasova (Agent XXX)

Girl: Tanya Roberts
Film: A View to a Kill
Screen name: Stacey Sutton

Girl: Talisa Soto
Film: Licence To Kill
Screen name: Lupe Lamora

Girl: Teri Hatcher
Film: Tomorrow Never Dies
Screen name: Paris Carver

Girl: Denise Richards
Film: The World Is Not Enough
Screen name:
Dr. Christmas Jones

Girl: Halle Berry
Film: Die Another Day
Screen name: Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson

Girl: Eva Green
Film: Casino Royale
Screen name: Vesper Lynd

Girl: Olga Kurylenko
Film: Quantum of Solace
Screen name: Camille


So, who do you think is the most beautiful James Bond’s Girl?
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    • Horizon

      Where is Michelle Yeong? Anyway, I like Teri Hatcher, and dislike most of them. lol

    • fupper

      is she one of them?
      haha anyway it’s an article from 😀

    • tiger4

      it’s not very comprehessive list. Where’s Sophie Marceau from The World is Not Enough? Yeah where’s Michelle Yeoh?

      If I were to choose from the list above, I take Jinx anytime.

    • Kevin Farrell27

      Where is Caroline Munro or Shirley Eaton?

    • John Bender

      The photo of Luciana Paluzzi is actually Claudine Auger (Domino).

    • James Hall

      The most beautiful is Ursula Andress…Halle Nose Job just doesn’t have her presence.

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