TOP 8 Military INFLATABLE Decoys. F-16s, Scud Missiles, Paratroopers and Rubber Fortress?!

This is pretty cool. Some fake stuffs people use in the military as decoys.
How many of these stuffs do you think are fakes?

This is featured on Oobject.
They are having a vote there and here’s the top 8 military inflatable decoys!

1. Inflatable Decoy F-16
[more pictures here]

2. Inflatable Scud Missile Launcher
[more here]

3. World War II Inflatable Decoy Tank
[many more here]

4. Inflatable B-26
Used in D-Day landings
[more here]

5. Inflatable Paratroopers
[here here here]

6. Inflatable Tank
[very good read, if you have the time]

7. Lath and Burlap Decoy Plane
Dummy plane, made of lath and burlap, is parked a good distance from hidden hangers to decoy bombers, fool enemy observation ships. From the air, this is practically indistinguishable from a real plane.
Photo Credit: Dmitri Kessel/Ralph Morse/TIMEPIX

8. Plaster Headed Paradummy
[all here]

However my favorite is..(not any one of the above)
This scheme in a 1950 issue of Mechanix Illustrated proposed a series of “rubber bubbles, housing radar sentries, hidden in the icy peaks of America’s northernmost mountains” which, it was claimed “could be our first line of defense against any A-bomb attack.”
“To obtain maximum radar range and permit easy defence by a minimum garrison, our rubber forts, like castles of the ancient barons along the Rhine, must roost on the most inaccessible arctic peaks. For concealment and protection against bombing, most of the installation must be buried in the rock and heavily sheathed with concrete. The parts above ground–the balloon dome protecting the radar antenna and the level helicopter deck–will be well camouflaged by air-inflated rubber rocks. These will be fastened down in set patterns but can be easily removed to clear the way for flying operations.”

Damn cool eh?
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