Artist Hides SEXUAL Image in Coca Cola Advertisement!

This happened in the 80s and god knows what the artist was thinking.

This poster was released in the mid 80s and prompted a total recall of all posters because of the picture painted in ice-cubes at bottom right corner – a woman performing an act. The graphic artist who designed the picture put this in as a joke, and it went through unnoticed until someone spotted it on the back of a Coke truck. The artist lost his job and was sued, and all promotional material had to be recalled and destroyed. Very rare and hard to get hold of.

Can you spot the offending artwork in the Coke ad?
Coca-Cola couldn’t till it was too late. It would have cost the company $200,000 to re-print the posters, which urge Coke drinkers to “feel the curves” of new bottles.

It wasn’t till retailers complained that red-faced executives withdrew thousands of glossy posters that contained an image of a woman and a penis.

The cheeky Australian artist blew his job when the poster stuff-up was realised.

Coke’s Sydney-based corporate affairs manager Ian Brown said the company was a victim.

[from Snopes]
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    • McFly

      Haha. I’ve seen this before but it still gets me laughing. It could still be a coincidence though.

    • fupper

      hmm McFly, it was actually an intentional placement of the image by the artist haha.

    • Pistilpoper

      that girl iws suckin a dick well i mean she is about to L-M-A-O

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