“The Global Warming Hoax and Scam”, How True is it?

This was an article published in NWL’s blog, against a recent article on wattsupwiththat.com, The GreenHouse Effect Explained.
I’ve some questionable pointers in their claims of “hoax and scam”.

The facts that Al Gore’s carbon tax collection company doesn’t want you to see.

CO2 is 3.168% of the total greenhouse effect. Around 0.117% is man-made CO2 greenhouse gas effect. CO2 is an insignificant greenhouse gas, especially in terms of man-made contribution. Water is the only significant greenhouse gas.
Does a low percentage of CO2 in correlates with minimal greenhouse effect on the environment? Read this.
Greenhouse Effect is an important system on earth to ensure that we don’t go into an Ice Age. However, adding into the effect doesn’t help too as the earth will get hotter. Yes, CO2 and H2O are increasing in our world due to industrialization and melting of glaciers(due to lots of factors, not only greenhouse effect), which will only set the problem in a spiral downwards.

Furthermore, you leave out that oceans and volcanos release more CO2 than humans.
That’s pretty true. While those are natural occurrences that humans cannot control, our artificial exhaust of CO2 can be.

Furthermore, you leave out that CO2 is part of the life cycle.
That’s true, you need CO2 to stimulate breathing.

Futhermore, you leave out that CO2 levels tend to follow warming rather than cause warming.

Furthermore, you leave out the impact of the sun spot activity, which is thoroughly studied, and it’s impact of warming/cooling on the solar system as a whole.
No doubts about that.

Furthermore, you leave out that the solar system as a whole had been warming.

Furthermore, you leave out that the solar system and earth has cooled down due to lack of sun spot activity this past year.

Furthermore, you leave out that carbon taxes will not solve the problem but will be used to fund global government and bombing of nations.
A very dangerous fallacy.

Furthermore, you leave out that big corporations, especially big oil, actually support the global warming hoax because it helps them eliminate their competition who can’t afford the taxes while big oil gets the big grants from the tax payer to reduce and meet emission standards.
No doubt that there are lots of controversies on the Big Oil. However, the results of oil corporations in looking for cleaner alternative energy sources has been fruitful.

Furthermore, you leave out that carbon taxes will do nothing but hurt the poor.
The policies regarding carbon taxes will need to be fine tuned.

Furthermore, you leave out that polar bears can easily swim over 100 miles and swim as much as 300 miles. They hunt for seals and buluga whales.
They still do need a cold environment to survive.

Furthermore, you leave out that the ice caps are always melting and refreezing with the seasons.
Generally, it has shrunk significantly over the years.

Furthermore, you leave out that the government was caught making up temperature data to make it seem the planet was warming rather than cooling this past year.
That will be an interesting source to read on. Any links?

Furthermore, you leave out that scientistics receive tons of funding by promoting global warming scares while skeptics don’t receive funding.

That seems to relate the scientists that promotes global warming to corrupted individuals. I think it’s a natural tendency to fund what is supposedly harming our environment and getting more research and data out of it, than supporting something that says otherwise.

Furthermore, you leave out that the Al Gore hockey stick graph was generated using a statistical analysis computer algorithm that weighted data towards the mean the further out in history you go.

Furthermore, you leave out all the various drastic cooling and warming trends throughout the history of the Earth.
Those are important variables to be considered, but have been abused by skeptics.

Furthermore, you leave out that global warming is actually preferred over global cooling because food production increases, namely because CO2 helps plant growth, absorbing that 0.117% man-made CO2 like candy. Not to mention that you’re more likely to freeze to death than die of heat stroke.
Not true. Needs more reliable sources to back up claims!

Furthermore, statistics are lies, lies, and damned lies. Scientific models don’t represent reality. Any decent college professor in scientific modeling and statistics classes will tell you these things on the first day of class.
Lies or not, statistics give you a gauge of what might be happening.

In conclusion, you’re being scammed by the New World Order with this global warming hoax to pay carbon taxes to them, and you should be mad as hell.
[from NWL]

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