The MOST Stupid and Cocky Goalkeeper in the history of Soccer! Khalid Askri from FAR Rabat.

I bet this guy is drowning his sorrows in shame.

I wonder if he’s sacked?

In the quarterfinals of Morocco Cup between FAR Rabat and Maghreb Fez, the goalkeeper Khalid Askri, saved a decisive penalty. However, the keeper started celebrating too early, and the ball began to curl, finishing inside the goal..

Khalid Askri retained the shot and felt like in top of the world. But he celebrated too soon. The ball, not being retained, very, very slowly, got inside the line.

The kicker called the referee, pointing to the ball. The judge, knowing that the play was not over, awarded the goal.

Thanks to its egocentric archer, the FAR Rabat lost on penalties and was kicked out of the Cup.

[from momento24]
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