World’s HIGHEST IQ Man, Kim Ung-yong, tells his Successful LIFE Story and WHY the Media is CRAP.

It seems like ‘success’ is what a person defines for himself. It’s a rather relative term too as you can see from his story.

It’s a pretty touching story.

What will people think of 16-month-old wonder child Jonathon Rader, able to play various musical instruments, if he decides not to pursue a career as a musician?

The answer seems to be “a failure” when hearing the story from Kim Ung-yong, a 48-year-old record holder for the world’s highest intelligence quotient, in an interview with The Korea Herald.

“I was famous for having a 210 IQ and being able to solve intricate math equations at the age of four, Kim said. “Apparently, the media belittled the fact that I chose to work in a business planning department at Chungbuk Development Corporation.”

He said the media denounced him as a “failed genius” but he has no idea why his life, which he considers a success, had to be called a failure.

“People expected me to become a high-ranking official in the government or a big company, but I don’t think just because I chose not to become the expected it gives anyone a right to call anyone’s life a failure,” he said.

Kim said his life is a great success.

When Kim decided to leave NASA, entered a university located outside of Seoul and became an ordinary company worker, the media took him to task.

He said he is still bitter with the memory.

“I’m trying to tell people that I am happy the way I am. But why do people have to call my happiness a failure?”

Invited by NASA at the age of eight, Kim worked there for 10 years but calls the time spent there his lonely years.

“At that time, I led my life like a machine. I woke up, solved the daily assigned equation, ate, slept, and so forth. I really didn’t know what I was doing, and I was lonely and had no friends.”

For young Kim, a longing to be with his mother was the decisive factor in his decision to return to Korea.

As expected, the media covered his return.

“I was sick and tired of being the centre of attention again. I felt like a monkey in a zoo,” he said. “At that time, there were no twitters nor instant messaging, so that gave newspapers more power, I guess the word went around so fast some people even started calling me schizophrenic for being cooped up in a room. I wanted to avoid any kind of attention towards me.”

Meanwhile, he wanted to get a job in Korea but to even do that he was told that he needed elementary, middle, and high school diplomas.

“Since I had no official diploma I had to start all over from scratch,” Kim explained.

Nevertheless, that was no obstacle for Kim. Soon, he took certificate exams and earned his elementary and middle school diplomas within a year and then a high school diploma in the following year.

“After that, I wanted to attend a university, rather than get a job right away. I wanted to attend school with friends my age, and outside of Seoul, where I thought I would receive less attention,” he said.

Kim said he has led a happy life ever since.

“At school, I lived my freshmen year as an elementary school kid, my sophomore year as a middle schooler, my junior year as a high school student, and spent my senior year like a normal college kid. I consider my life a success. There aren’t many people who do what they really want to do, but I do. That is what you call success, what else do you call a happy life?”

Despite numerous attempts to avoid the media in the past, Kim was hounded by them again when a story arose of a boy entering college at the age of nine – the reports mentioned Kim as a “failing model”.

“The stories pointed me out as if I had set a bad example for the little boy and reported that the kid should not grow up like me,” Kim said, expressing regret at the media reports.

Kim claimed that people invest too much meaning in IQ.

“Some think people with a high IQ can be omnipotent, but that’s not true. Look at me, I don’t have musical talent, nor am I excelling in sports,” he said.

Just like the world records for athletes, having a high IQ is just another element of human talent.

“If there is a long spectrum of categories with many different talents, I would only be a part of the spectrum. I’m just good in concentrating on one thing, and there are many others who have different talents,” he explained.

High IQ, he said, does not necessarily mean imperishable memory.

“I could speak four languages – French, German, Japanese and English – but I can’t speak fluently now. I could brush up and speak a bit, but honestly it became rusty.

“Society should not judge anyone with unilateral standards – everyone has different learning levels, hopes, talents, and dreams and we should respect that,” Kim said.

[from Asiaone]
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    • Roberto Autran Nunes (IQ 190)

      It isn’t the size of a guy’s IQ that matters. It’s how he uses it.

    • Cognitive IQ 150/150

      IQ allows faster connnections and information processing, but is one of many measures of brain-ability. Looking at Kim Ung-yong and Chris Langan (top 2 iq in world), we observe average to mildy superior lifestyles and success stories. All of the abilites of the brain as a whole are much more important, even if one’s IQ is merely genius level.

    • Epic_win

      He’s a failure

    • jkl

      You’re an idiot.

    • Frezer tefera

      kim i want to join you because i an admirer your life story.

    • Keith Beach

      High IQ or low IQ, it doesn’t matter. Knowing what makes you happy makes you clever and this man is happy with his family and a simple life. Good for him.

    • nick

      Mr Kim, i salute you! You are really immeasurable genius person, we are happy for what you have chosen in your life.

    • Mozad

      He is a failure in the sence that he never discovered anything magnificent as one would naturally expect of one with the potential that he had. He didnt even get a nobel prize..

    • Adam Preston

      Well done sir on continuing to do what you like, we all should respect one another, people see other people with lower intelligence as something bad, but they surely then excel them in another quality or trait. Therefore we all should come to value one another based on strengths rather than weaknesses.

    • Iacovos Florides

      As I see it.. NASA brainwashed him before they let him go.. so the guy’s abilities are impaired since. We had a doctor at college also worked in NASA before and he was acting as a retard. He was carrying his documents in a pink child’s back pack and other nut stuff.

    • Hazani Zaid

      yup u were right keith…as long  as u  happy with your life,,

    • Shift2gearx

      in time the man became not smart, but wise.

    • Leigh Harwood

      The man is obviously supremely intelligent and he understands what is best for him. What is life without happiness? Possessing an extraordinary IQ ultimately means nothing, although it is a very useful tool to apply should one seek to advance one’s own individual interests.

      In my opinion, he has grown wise in himself and understands the broader meaning of what ‘success’ really constitutes. 

      Let me put a question out there: What if someone is not a success, but yet feels very happy or content? Is it better to be happier or smarter or does smarter necessarily imply being ‘happier’? 

      In addition, is it ‘wrong’ for this man to care about being a ‘success’? If so, why? Big deal if he’s got an amazing IQ! Good for him! Does such a thing as ‘success’ really exist and if so, by whose definition of ‘success’ should we live by?

      What if this man chooses to do NOTHING with his life? In other words, he couldn’t care less about being a success or having a great IQ? Does this invalidate him as a person in terms of his attitude or world-views? If so, by whose measure do we appoint ourselves judge and jury?

      I would sooner argue that being very smart is no substitute for being ‘happy’. Although both are very desirable – one does not necessarily lead to or compensate for the other.

      If this man FEELS that HIS OWN LIFE is a personal success by the standards he judges himself against, then who are any of us to tell him otherwise?

    • Flamewind

      Having high IQ doesn’t mean your productive. Anyone can be productive in a sense that some of the great discoveries are actually just an accident, one don’t need to be exactly intelligent to be productive.  And he doesn’t have potential, he’s already beyond that. And you must consider that some research are actually top secret – especially the findings and research of NASA. Even your own government hides something from you. And a nobel prize doesn’t measure such things, they don’t even take into account past discoveries.

    • guest

      Actually he is both. He’s a freaking genius.

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    • Donoi2000

      he has every right to be happy, but he had the gift that could change many people’s lives for the better. not many of us has that gift and when there’s one that has it’s natural we hope for him to do something for us. what if he could have discovered cure for cancer if he studied medicine, what if he proved string theory, what if he would have made an accomplishment that would have changed all our lives. whatever, he certainly had the potential

    • Just-delusion

      This guy has balls

    • Isa Hiroki2

      It must have been a hard life being treated like a supercomputer. I’m glad he got the life he wanted.

    • Clawtin
      Eleven-year-old Indian girl rated with highest IQ in the world
      IQ is around 225. It is higher than that of the Guinness record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is around 210. 

    • Juncy06

      I am so much inspired by this…..

    • Shirley

      Well Marilyn vos Savant had 228 in one attempt as well. Get over it.

    • Prof Villegas

      The person who thinks with his head is SMART.
      The person who thinks with his heart is WISE.

      When a smart guy becomes a wise man … that is true GENIUS.

    • Johnlepore Wms

      Your comment consists of much that I have contemplated in my 14 year duration of existence. Many people can not comprehend that there are difficulties posed by extreme intelligence, viewing it in a distorted way. Sometimes, i ponder wether it would be ‘better’ to be ignorant, rather than intelligent, although I prefer the latter.

    • Ne0

      JHe probably hate his parent for make him don’t had a normal childhood. He probably was jealogy what other kid and what he miss therefore didn’t continue his to climb the ladder and try to be a average folk.

    • Ne0

      Is hard to a find a very smart asian that isn’t result of parent push them hard, if they wanna good at something hard to comes from the heart.

    • Kim Ung-yong

      This was about me. lol

    • Pharez Scott

      wow this man is awsome and he is right media stinks

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    • Lukasz B

      The article is about one of the smartest man on this planet and still avarage people thinks that they can outsmart this guy. Whole problem with u is that u are not using your brain and in this case IQ have nothing to do with that.

    • carl k.

      a very good and simple man that has resect for others and has judged himself for his own success and succeeded . a very great man that has very likely helped others in ways many of us will never understand . people choose to live their own lives, as it should be . not what nasa or any other govt entity wants them to be . it was his choice . it made him happy , and he lives as he chooses . that is success .

    • Marshallcraft12

      Smart dude.

    • Kdbart

      Hell Obama got one of those and he is a idiot!

    • Tony Stark

      The world no longer needs genius people but wise people

    • sdf

      damn.. he could have become the second Hitler.
      oh well.. maybe someone else..

    • Edgar Manuel Juarez

      I think you´re wrong, it clearly says that he worked for NASA for 10 years, that means he provided a lot of discoveries in that time, the problem is that NASA will never make them public.

    • YouAreAllIdiots

      SHUT UP ALL YOU IDIOTS… Stop trying to sound smart by repeating what the smart man already said about being smart… my goodness!

    • Rhet

      The man is still a Civil Engineer; It’s not like he’s playing video games all day. Freakin’ media.

    • Walker

      I laughed when I saw all the people trying to sound intelligent about there input on this thread by saying dumb stuff like “one must not eat tacos.” Saying one is an indirect term anyways, who are you talking about and why are you talking about them reffering to them as one? I’f so does only one person or do plural beings?

    • FresnoJoe


    • ghanderman

      id prefer to be ignorant. intelligence can be a burden depending on how your particular gifts manifest. for example, emotional intelligence (socially integrated cognition, intuitive, empathic, behavioral pattern recognition) as opposed to structural intelligence (capacity for memorization of things, numbers, letters etc). we all have skill in a range of intelligences, but i think in some ways, being ignorant is preferable to being aware, because you cannot unsee once you have seen & once you have seen you become in effect a social misfit because most others do not have the capacity to see how you do. in this type of social system extreme intelligence is a disadvantage unless you have it in you to exploit it (which in turn means exploiting others) within the confines of the existing structural boundaries. i dont blame him for choosing a “simple” life.

    • ghanderman

      what if he was smart enough to realize that nothing he could have “contributed” would have been used for good? what if he realized that human beings dont really deserve a savior?

    • Sohaib763

      Agreed with Kim’s Opinion…. nothing is worthless but nothing is precious than being honest to your self… do what you want to do….there’s what you’re borne to do.

    • Dr.eshetu

      it is not fare to call a person of IQ 150 and >200 with the same word

      so call them angels or devils for those of higher IQ

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